Running around the Roundabout

10 February – 6 March 2012
Office Hours: Tue – Sat, 1100 – 1900
Exhibition Hours: Tue – Sat, 1200 – 1808
Gallery EXIT, 1 Shin Hing Street, Central, Hong Kong

Gallery EXIT is pleased to present Running around the Roundabout, the second solo exhibition of Kong Chun Hei featuring his latest series of drawings, video and sound installation.

Running around the Roundabout declares a rejection of the conventional perspectives of reality. It implies that there is only here and now, and that everything else is a manifestation of human subliminal imagination. While maintaining an accurate perception, Kong’s drawings highlight the passage of time and change. The masses of delicate ink marks describe a world ruled by levelled impulses and sameness. Depicting a state of mind rather than an external reality, multiple concatenation of lines continuously overlap and are redrawn to record endless cycles of synchronicities, connections and coincidences. This exhibition invites the viewer to ponder at a man’s perennial search for freedom and exaltation.

Door, with its axiomatic title, is a life-size five-sided ink drawing of the found object. Playing on the consciousness that meanders between representation and lucidity, Kong uses mesmerizingly repetitive lines to emphasise this dubious relationship and explores the possibilities of human response in the imaginative realm. By connecting dissimilar things as a reflection on temporality and its registration as physical objects, Needle Sound set forth an ink drawing of a vinyl on a sleeve in which contains the complete sound recordings of the mark-making process. Every time the acetate duplate is ‘read’ by a player, friction from the needle erodes the grooves and eventually ‘cracklings’ come through. As the two sounds are played at the same time, the work exposes both a description of the disc (the sound of drawing) and the object itself.

In consort with the video work 06080416, where Kong traced out a circle according to his memory of the duration of an hour, the gallery exhibition hours will be changed to 12:00 pm - 18:08 pm.