Needle Sound

The grooves on a LP are analogue imprints of sound waves. The contents are completely exposed on the surface and that is the nature of this particular invention. ‘Needle Sound’ has been developed out of my previous drawings (Record A & B, 2009). An image of a record is drawn onto the front and back of a sleeve. In which contains the discs that hold the complete sound recordings from the process of marking. Whilst the records carry the sound from an ‘Other’, in which the sound waves have been imposed onto their surfaces, the point of the work lies in the sound of the signal carries themselves. Just as the drawing is made from the markings of a pinpoint pen in circular motion, the actual sound of LP disc emerges through its continual contact with the needle of a player. Every time a record is ‘read’, friction from the needle erodes the grooves and eventually ‘cracklings’ come through. As the two sounds are played at the same time, the work exposes both a description of the disc (the drawing) and the object itself.