I Think It Rains, Part 1

Curated by Daniel Kurjaković

17 May – 30 June 2013
Tue – Sun, 1100 – 1900
Cattle Depot Artist Village, 63 Ma Tau Kok Road,
To Kwa Wan, Hong Kong

I Think It Rains brings together artists, writers, and critics invited by Burger Collection and 1a space in a tentative of creating a cross-disciplinary collaborative model.

The collaboration began to coalesce in November 2012 when the core-groups of 1a space and Burger Collection, consisting of the artists Enoch Cheung and Choi Yan-chi, curator Daniel Kurjaković and writer Cally Yu, embarked on more formal conversations. Early gatherings addressed the question of how to create a meaningful context of presentation, at this juncture in time, for diverse artistic approaches of a more experimental nature. The core-groups’ dialogs revolved around the issue of how to construct a platform allowing participants to progressively develop, re-examine, and transform their contributions. Plotted as a platform for sustainable activities, an overall time frame of three years was set. Within this frame, the project aims at developing one possible mode of collaboration, connecting a local and an international organization, which are both mindful of the cultural specificity of Hong Kong and of transnational currents of contemporary artistic practice. According to artist Choi Yan-chi, the project proposes to “set up parameters to activate loose teams of art practitioners for on-going dialogs and discussions about various models of cultural production.”

In its first year of activities under the roof of Burger Collection’s Quadrilogy, the project will, according to curator Daniel Kurjaković, look at “how artists have developed succinct ways to question the relationships between history and histories, cognitive patterns and social behavior in the present and impulses for the future. Artists have been keen on underlining the artistic process by using various sorts of research that seamlessly link or interestingly contrast different temporal levels.” The first exhibition, I Think It Rains, will emphasize the multi-faceted practices of the participating artists and writers ranging from mixed-media work to installations, pseudo-writing, or radio-programs, and the like.

I Think It Rains will take place on the premises of the Cattle Depot Artist Village, a heritage site located in the raw and unpolished environment of the old town center of Kowloon, providing a unique venue for alternative works to happen. It will consist of new and existing works by artists from Hong Kong and abroad, spreading out in the various spaces of the Cattle Depot as well as in the public area. Performances and multi-functional project rooms will supplement the exhibition. A full day of performances and happenings, both inside the Cattle Depot and in the adjacent urban area of Mong Kok, will enable visitors to experience the exhibition on the backdrop of various real-time events. The launch will also see the presentation of the first issue of the magazineTorrent (due out in April 2013), introduced by Burger Collection last year, and will include, amongst others, various artists’ contributions, and an in-depth conversation about art production in Hong Kong.

The first phase of the project, unfolding from May to December 2013, will be rounded off with a second edition of the exhibition, which will start in autumn. Its major components will consist in artist residencies, panels and workshops, as well as the production of ephemera and a catalog documenting the yearlong productions.

The title I Think It Rains is borrowed from the homonymic poem by Nigerian poet Wole Soyinka. Rather than circumscribing a topic or theme, the title points to some of the motifs of the project: a sense of physical actuality and sensuality, of details and multiplicity, of a continuous present, of a porous quality of space as well as of the relations between the imaginary and the material.