Asia Now Paris 2016
Kong Chun Hei: Back unsay shades can go

20 October - 23 October 2016
Booth A200, 9 avenue Hoche, Paris, France

Twelve drawings. Paper with holes. No target at the back. Photocopy. Opened. Black Holes. Closed. White Holes. Copies of photocopies. Ink on paper. Accentuated streaks. Sand. Ink on paper. Accentuated glitch. Again. Backdrift. Yes and no. Condense and disperse. Up and Down. Left and Right. Clenched eyes clamped to all.

One Video. One TV screen. On the ground horizontally. Polystyrene underneath. Metal plate. Mirror finished. Reflection. Dim light source unknown. Hammer. Dark yes. Bright no. Where but there. When but now. Damaged good blinks. Ruined with shades. Still dim still on. Shades cannot go. Much less come again.