Artissima 2014
Kong Chun Hei: Back And Forth // Left And Right

7 November - 9 November 2014
Green Booth 13, Oval - Lingotto Fiere, Torino, Italy

A formal and physical alteration of space and its inhabiting objects, “Back and forth // left and right” revolutionises the allocated booth into an alien and artificial environment. In an alteration of surface, function, property and shape, objects, carefully selected for their functional/mono- dimensional properties, engage in a destabilising act.

In order to enter the booth one has to walk around the corner, as a line of flags lie in mid-air blocking one of the entrances. These flags are echoed by a series of drawings of objects split in two, scattered around the space. These are drawings of objects; various objects of the ordinary, of the immediate. They are drawn in ink on paper, meticulously recording each sensible appearance. Striped protective corners’ covers, the one that you could find in car park, are scattered around protecting different areas of the booth. They are reversed upside-down corners whose surface reveals a detailed record of the corner original texture.

A ventilation frame is located on the side of an adjacent wall, releasing a green and transient glow. Hidden behind the bar of the ventilation frame, lies the video of a close up banner of leaves. By closer inspection the video exposes the texture of the banner in a steady and almost immobile flow.A metal mirror reflects a similar humming glow. It is the impression of refraction created by the whacking of the metal.

Ambiguously oscillating between representation and the real these works, being for a functional inversion or representational formal allusion, are detached from their contextual identity and in turn allowed to that “necessary distance from things surrounding us.” Released from their function or connotative aesthetic qualities, the notion of purpose becomes a redundant attribute. Through this process of undoing, the “represented” image is liberated from its assumed and contingent meaning. The focus then is transferred to the materiality of such objects creating an ambiguous and chemical effect with the relationship with space.

This relationship entails a process of relocation. It is a movement that happens back and forth, from left to right. It is a mental and physical movement in which the objects are physically removed from their environmental context and relocated to a “contextless” space/background. In this dynamic mobility, our automatic engagement with things is pushed to its limit. Reflecting on the appropriation, consumption and regulation of our immediate surrounding, “Back and forth // left and right” highlights how these mediations are the result of an intellectual and contingent imposition. The sense of normalcy along with a conventional proximity/distance from things, being physical or not physical, is charged every time with new coordinates.